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It's time for change! Milk cartons used to be popular in AWARENESS OF MISSING PEOPLE, now you will start to see inside pizza boxes!!! 

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Miles & Kindness 

Remembering Mollie Tibbetts

The disappearance of a young woman named Mollie Tibbetts from our hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa in July of 2018 greatly impacted our community. Our business became involved in her search, as we made promotional materials (including t-shirts, flyers, stickers, and more) and took to social media and national television to bring awareness. It took a mustard seed of faith to grow into something beautiful called "Mollie's Movement" and soon people knew of Mollie around the world! The out pour of support for Mollie's family was astonishing! Mollie was found but gained her angel wings, she will never be forgotten. We now work closely with Mollie's family and other organizations to get these same services out to the families of other missing people. Along with giving the missing a voice, we spread kindness and hope in her honor. Mollie was committed to helping others and was studying to become a child psychiatrists at the University of Iowa. When those that did not know her had heard of her kindness, love for children and strong faith they joined in honoring her by running Miles for Mollie, Paying Kindness Forward and Finding Others.  We have thousands of FREE Kindness Cards, to each be used for a random act of kindness and you don't have to look far for free downloads of missing flyers. Many of our products have a percentage of proceeds go towards these efforts. 

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